Small Pharma’s Big Minds – Tatiana Lobanov-Rostovsky

Find out more about the big minds behind the team at Small Pharma through conversations with the people who work here.

Tatiana Lobanov Rostovsky, Strategy Manager at Small Pharma, sat down to share some more about her role at the company and what good mental health means to her.

Who you are and what you do

My name’s Tatiana, I’m the Strategy Manager here at Small Pharma. My role at Small Pharma is structuring and informing decision making based on quantitative analysis and helping identify both opportunities and challenges within the business. 

What excites you most about Small Pharma?

I’m really excited to be part of the company’s story at a really pivotal time of huge growth, and I’m really excited by its innovative approach to address a huge unmet need.

What does good mental health mean to you?

Integrating my inner self to my outer self; my inner self being really understanding my thoughts and feelings, and nurturing myself both physically and mentally. Integrating that into my outer self, building social connections, understanding where I fit into the broader ecosystem. 

Tatiana Lobanov Rostovsky joined the team at Small Pharma in 2021. Prior to this she worked in healthcare investment banking and she holds a BSc in neuroscience from the University at Bristol.  

About Small Pharma

We’re a biotechnology company researching and developing short-acting psychedelics with supportive therapy for mental health conditions.

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