DMT Therapies

DMT-assisted therapies are fast acting treatments that combine the potential health benefits of DMT with supportive talk therapy.

DMT-assisted therapy is a form of psychedelic assisted psychotherapy that involves the supervised use of DMT in a health clinic by a therapist.

Therapists trained in psychedelic assisted therapy are at the core of maximizing the potential of these transformative treatments. They provide a safe space, a calming presence and encourage patients to be open to the experience. Our goal is to ensure that safe and effective clinical practices are implemented with the delivery of these treatments to create positive change.

Treatment journey


The therapists help patients feel comfortable about the dosing experience, explore their life history, their intentions and ultimately help them build a positive relationship.

Dosing Session

The patient is supervised by the therapy team as the medicine is administered in a calm room. The patient is encouraged to lie down, listen to music and use eye shades to enhance the experience.


The therapist works with the individual to interpret and identify insights from the psychedelic experience with the goal of achieving meaningful long-term change.

Self Healing

Individuals are encouraged to use additional approaches to reflect and continue their healing outside of the clinic setting.

DMT-assisted Therapy

Learn how DMT assisted therapy has the potential to offer a radically new approach to the treatment of depression.

“Psychedelic medicines provide us with an exquisite opportunity to bring together neuroscience, psychiatry and psychotherapy to treat mental illness. They may become medicines that help to free us from the avalanche of psychological suffering affecting our societies.” Dr Graham Campbell, Study Psychiatrist on Small Pharma's clinical trial

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