‘First Ever’ DMT Trials to Take Place in the UK

Small Pharma, a pharmaceutical company that focuses on depression and mental health, has secured approval to begin clinical trials with DMT, the psychedelic drug (nicknamed “the spirit molecule”) that is often considered the world’s most potent. Ethnobotanist Terence McKenna, for instance, described it as “the most powerful hallucinogen known to man and science”.


While psychiatrists in the US have conducted studies with the drug before, Small Pharma claims that this is the world’s first patient clinical trial. 

Peter Rands, CEO of Small Pharma said:

DMT delivers a psychedelic experience in 20 mins and has unique properties that lend itself to clinical use. By adopting responsible evidence-based research and development into psychedelic medicine, we hope to help rebrand these once stigmatised compounds as highly effective medical therapies, which can be integrated into current healthcare systems and made accessible to the millions of people suffering from depression.


About Small Pharma

We’re a mental health drug development company that’s accelerating the development of fast acting antidepressant treatments using DMT based therapies. We’re dedicated to making a difference.

With a focus on innovative approaches and committed to challenging the status quo, we’re targeting the root causes of depression and hoping to unlock the minds of millions.

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