Small Pharma’s first phase clinical trials prove promising for DMT-assisted therapy

Our CMSO Carol Routledge spoke to Mental Health Today about Small Pharma and its history with psychedelic research, Phase I clinical trials and the research around a safe, well-tolerated DMT dose, as well as what’s on the horizon for Small Pharma and psychedelic-assisted therapy 

On psychedelic-assisted therapy as a whole,  Dr Routledge had lots to say including a discussion on the potential of psychedelic-assisted therapy to address the unmet mental health needs of  millions of people.

I’ve worked in the pharmaceutical industry for a long time. I have worked on SSRIs in the past. I do think SSRIs are effective, but clearly in a very different way to psychedelic-assisted therapy. But they are not effective in all patients…And although effective, I don’t really think SSRIs get to the root cause. Whereas I do believe that psychedelic assisted therapy potentially could.”


About Small Pharma

We’re a mental health drug development company that’s accelerating the development of fast acting antidepressant treatments using DMT based therapies. We’re dedicated to making a difference.

With a focus on innovative approaches and committed to challenging the status quo, we’re targeting the root causes of depression and hoping to unlock the minds of millions.

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