Research & Trials

Drug development programs.

We are leading the sector in researching the potential of DMT based therapy, using rigorous, comprehensive and innovative methods.

Injectable DMT
Exploring the potential of SPL026 with talk therapy to treat Major Depressive Disorder.
Prolonged DMT Series
An injectable formulation of deuterated DMT designed to deliver a more prolonged psychedelic experience.
Oral DMT series
An oral formulation of a tryptamine to offer an alternative way to deliver the treatment to patients in clinic.
Oral 6-hydroxynorketamine
An oral formulation of 6-HNK, a ketamine metabolite, was shown in early preclinical studies to have signs of rapid antidepressant effects with an improved side effect profile to ketamine.

Patents in psychedelic medicine

An expert discussion on what patents are and the purpose they serve in bringing potential new treatments to patients

“Patents at their heart are a bargain between the inventor and the state. The purpose of this bargain is to drive publication, put things into the public space, and reward innovation” - Maria Nichol, Patent Attorney and Biotech & Pharma Specialist

Our Pipeline

Our current progress across our R&D programs

Our lead program

Part A (Phase 1)

Status: Completed 

No. of participants: 32

Type of participants: Psychedelic naive healthy volunteers

Outcomes: safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Location: Hammersmith Medical Research, London

Part B (Phase IIA)

Status: Recruiting

Types of participants: Patients with moderate/ severe Major Depressive Disorder

No. of participants: 42

Outcomes: safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Location: Hammersmith Medical Research, London and MAC Clinical Research, Liverpool


We are conducting a double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase I/IIa of SPL026 in combination with therapy to explore the safety, tolerability and efficacy of DMT assisted therapy.

Drug: SPL026, Placebo

Clinical trial ID: NCT04673383

Indication: Major Depressive Disorder

Pipeline programs

We are developing a pipeline of tryptamine based psychedelic drug candidates.

Our pipeline offers alternative drug formulations and drug profiles, providing options that could potentially suit different patient preferences and better target alternative health indications.

Using our proprietary deuterium enriching technology (replacing hydrogen atoms with heavier hydrogen atoms), we are able to alter the pharmacokinetic profile (how a drug travels through the body) of tryptamine drugs. By re-engineering tryptamine based compounds, we are able to develop a drug pipeline that potentially offers the ability to:

  • vary the duration of a psychedelic experience
  • establish alternative formulations


DMT therapist training


To support our clinical programs, we are developing a training program for therapists to help the delivery of DMT focused therapy protocols.

Designed by experts

Our training program has been designed in collaboration with leading experts of psychedelic therapy methods.

Multi-method approach

Our program uses multiple methods including theory, experimental learning and observational work, ensuring therapists feel comfortable and empowered to deliver the protocol in a clinical trial setting.

Recruitment process

We are actively recruiting therapists and registering the interest of individuals interested in our DMT therapy training. Completion of the therapy training will enable you to be eligible to participate as a therapist in our future clinical trials.


To find out more, or to register your interest in upcoming therapist training programs, please email Dr Graham Campbell at:

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