Alastair Riddell

Alastair Riddell
Alastair Riddell


Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Alastair Riddell has over 30 years of international leadership experience in the pharmaceutical, life science and biotech industries. In his roles as CEO of Pharmagene plc, Paradigm Therapeutics and Stem Cell Sciences as well as Chairman of Feedback plc, Dr. Riddell led significant fundraises, including an IPO on the London Stock Exchange and trade sales to Takeda in Japan and Stem Cells, Inc. in the USA.  
In companies now acquired by Pfizer, J&J and GE Healthcare, Dr. Riddell oversaw all phases of clinical trials of novel anti-inflammatory, anti-infective and oncology products before moving to international sales and marketing. Dr. Riddell was recently Chairman of the South-West Academic Health Science Network, which fosters links between the National Health Service, industry and universities. He is non-executive director of a NASDAQ-listed US and a private UK biotech company.
Dr. Riddell began his professional career as a medical doctor and Army officer, with experience in a variety of hospital specialties and in general practice. He was a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Royal College of Physicians, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine.
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