Jenny Maguire

Jenny Maguire
Jenny Maguire

Head of Brand & Communications

Jenny has over a decade of experience working with large corporations and start-ups to position their business for growth through the power of brand and effective communications.  Prior to joining Small Pharma, Jenny was Senior Vice President at Kantar where she led the Facebook account globally and previously was a Director in the consulting team. Her expertise is in brand positioning, audience segmentation, strategic messaging and communications.

Jenny joined Small Pharma in 2021 to lead brand and external communications. She is passionate about the potential of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy as new treatment options for those suffering with their mental health. Jenny manages Small Pharma’s messaging, PR and branding and works closely with the Investor Relations team on conferences, events and investor communications. She also oversees content, thought leadership and social media.

Jenny holds a BSc in Management from the London School of Economics.

Learn more about Jenny Maguire in her Small Pharma’s Big Minds conversation as she discusses her role at the company and why she is passionate about Small Pharma’s work in mental health.

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We’re a biotechnology company researching and developing short-acting psychedelics with supportive therapy for mental health conditions.

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