Nina Kumari, MD

Nina Kumari, MD

Director of Innovation

Nina has spent the last 5 years advising a number of digital health startups on the delivery of consumer and enterprise solutions. Passionate about empowering individuals to have greater control of their mental health, she has co-founded two tech-enabled startups focused on improving wellbeing of socially isolated older adults and new parents. 

Graduating with a Distinction in Medicine at Imperial College London, she has also completed a Medical Science degree with a focus on Cell Signalling in Health and Disease and has worked at London-based hospitals in clinical medicine across a number of specialities including general practice and acute medicine.

Nina joined Small Pharma in 2019 to oversee operations, fundraising activities and digital implementation.

About Small Pharma

We’re a mental health drug development company that’s accelerating the development of fast acting antidepressant treatments using DMT based therapies. We’re dedicated to making a difference.

With a focus on innovative approaches and committed to challenging the status quo, we’re targeting the root causes of depression and hoping to unlock the minds of millions.

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